), ( It’s not like other fast food sauces. 6 Add your opinion. Google. 8. Most of those calories come from protein (38%) and fat (42%). ), ( The modern society seems to run lack of time and thus going to eateries where the serving time will be more is preferred only on holidays. 1210 Too bad you don;t have a Raising Cane’s where you live! Also, don’t miss the different choices of french fries and onion rings, but be aware that some will add a fee to your combo. take-out. ), ( Foursquare. The closet one to me now is Vegas and my friends and I have taken trips to for the Canes. Menu Order Online. 115 Their Breaded Chicken Tenders do contain milk as a primary ingredient. ), ( News: Chick-fil-A - Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milk... News: Dunkin' Donuts - New Sausage Pancake Bites, Review: Arby's - French Dip & Swiss Toasted Sub, mutant chicken tenders shown in the commercial, McDonald's China Puts Out New Oreo Spam Burger, Papa John's Adds New Epic Stuffed Crust to Menu Starting December 21, 2020, A Look at Krispy Kreme's 2020 "Nicest Holiday Collection" Donuts, A Look at Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch Cereal. Tripadvisor. You can order via GrubHub to get Carl’s Jr. delivered. Restaurant Reviews and Recommendations – Map View; Burgers Fries/Chips Ice Cream . I agree it is quite bizarre...I guess maybe the cup is a bit wider for easier dipping? I'm not sure how true those things are, but it's always interesting when a fast food joint markets an item based on its quality, not its size or cost or outrageousness. 116 3. It’s more smokey and tomato-based than sweet, and has hints of black and red pepper, as well as an almost ale-infused quality. 65 Um, yes, but does it excite my taste buds and that “X” factor memory? Carl’s is one of the best outlet. My own local Carl's Jr … ), ( The formula is familiar enough: a Hand-Breaded Chicken Wrapper, shredded cheese and lettuce, and your choice of sauces (ranch, barbecue, and honey mustard) wrapped in a flour tortilla for $1.49. I really miss the KFC Blazin’ Strips and the old Applebees strips from around the late 80’s or early 90’s. Hand-breaded chicken tender, red onions, shredded cheese, wedge tomatoes and cucumber slices on a bed of salad mix. Known for their fresh take on burgers, Carl’s Jr. has a reputation as one of the higher-end fast food franchises, but I usually don’t associate them with chicken tenders. News: McDonald's - Holiday Pie this Winter 2010! These tenders may have had great texture, but their lack of a “wow” flavor on their own just doesn’t put them into elite status in my mind, although the price is certainly very competitive. 78 ), ( Try a place called Raising Canes if you get a chance. ), ( A bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the snack-sized chicken wraps party, Carl's Jr. nonetheless makes a good effort with their new, slightly long-winded Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wrappers. Premium, all-white meat chicken hand dipped in buttermilk, lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. 124 46 ), ( 3 pc. The price is also a little less than the standard chicken filet sandwich at $2.99. 98 Visitors' opinions on Carl's Jr / 221. 1117 The meat within all three strips was everything you’d want it to be, I guess. Therefore they have access to all the freedom needed to make the best fast food restaurants in the world. 96 106 Carl's Jr.'s new Bacon Swiss Crispy Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwich is a bit of a mouthful to say and features two hand-breaded chicken tenders accompanied by lettuce, a slice of tomato (or two), Ranch dressing, a slice of Swiss, and two strips of bacon. He did remark they’re smaller than the old ones, but they taste a lot better. ), ( Considering the kind of food you … I should have been happy. But today I was starving and needed to get back to work so I went through the drive through and ordered a chicken club sandwhich meal. 7.8. Facebook. $8.29: Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Box: 10 Pc. Raising Canes is AMAZING! Delivery & Pickup Options - 35 reviews of Las Vegas Carl's Jr "This Carl's Jr. location probably has the best service I've ever received at a fast food establishment. 95 Google. Sign in . As for me, you ask? No, I meant breeding. 3 pieces (128g) Nutrition Facts. CFA’s tenders just didn’t have that zing like the fillet in the sandwich or the nuggets. Log food: Carl's Jr. Google. 61 Breakfast Burritos. 7 . ( Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. First time at Carl's Jr after I heard all the hype so we finally went there for supper. Carl’s Burgers were so good, so delicious, so AHmazinggg! See more ideas about carl's jr, history, hot dog stand. ), ( ), and a small drink is a nice meal. delivery. ), ( Kids chicken tenders (2 pieces) | 4 points ; Green burrito chicken crunchy chicken taco | 5 points ; Green burrito pinto beans | 0 points; Chicken stars (4 pieces) | 5 points ; Green burrito guacamole | 2 points; Burrito chicken (side) | 3 points ; Green burrito ground beef (side) | 4 points ; Green burrito cilantro – lime rice | 3 points ; Burrito steak (side) | 3 points ; Green burrito shredded cheese | 3 points; … Menu. ), ( Log food: Carl's Jr. 119 no … […] Other Carl’s Jr. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders reviews: An Immovable Feast Grub Grade […]. The platform usually offers free delivery deals for new users – plus we get a referral fee … Yelp. Posted November 8th, 2010 | 1:14pm by Adam. When I got to the window I realized I wanted zucchini instead of fries and instead of giving me a dirty look or having an attitude, … Check out this Carl's Jr. weight watchers freestyle point guide! 18237 Colima Rd., Rowland Heights, CA 91748. If I HAVE to dip them in a sauce just to get any flavor out of the strip I probably won’t order them a second time. I’ve had the Hardee’s version and found them to be ok. My current favorite chicken stick is Chik-fil-a strips but I find most strips these days to be lacking in flavor. ), ( The batter had absolutely no flavor and tasted bitter. Trip. ), ( ), ( I always try to go when I visit Georgia. 1 Sign in . ), ( 94 vegan … 999 I give Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains 5 mediocre burgers out of 10. 582 79 ), ( 113 In short, it wasn’t your typical Heinz BBQ sauce, and was, as my friend Matt says, “legit.”. Take-Out/Delivery Options. Rated Perks of working in OHC is that you get to visit some amazing restaurants and one of them is Carl's Jr. The new ones are "hand-breaded" and "freshly-prepared." 66 Personalized health review for Carl's Jr. Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders, 3 Pieces: 260 calories, nutrition grade (C plus), problematic ingredients, and more. Side salad Chairbroiled Chicken Salad Chili Cheese Fries Chicken Tenders Chicken Tenders Ice cream shakes. Bun was fresh and soft. 18090 W. Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, CA 91344. 1 customers: 4 . Here we have some high quality chicken tenders with a nice crunchy coating and moist, melt in your mouth white meat chicken accented by a real deal BBQ sauce. Location and hours. Buttermilk Ranch Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwich. 122 Basically you gotta like honey mustard, ranch, or BBQ to enjoy chicken strips. Prices provided only as a general reference guide, please be sure to review with your own local restaurant. 1092 Deep! Did you really mean inconsistent breeding in your list of cons? Green Burrito® Sides & Desserts. As some of you may know, Carl’s Jr. has been on a full-court marketing press over the last several weeks, with the launch of their new Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders taking center stage in several new TV ads. Freshly prepared hand-breaded chicken tenders. Prices provided only as a general reference guide, please be sure to review with your own local restaurant. I’m off to go watch my pirated collection of Boy Meets World DVD’s and play some Sonic the Hedgehog on my Sega Genesis, all the while, may I add, enjoying a Happy Meal with plenty of ketchup packets. drive-through. Review: Pepperidge Farm - Holiday Homestyle Cookie... News: Papa John's - New Double Bacon Six Cheese Pizza, News: Subway - New Chipotle & Cheese Melts, Review: Five Guys - Little Bacon Cheeseburger, News: Pizza Hut - Cheesy Bites Pizza Returns, Review: Starbucks - Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. News: Taco Bell - Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft ... News: Whataburger - 12 Days of Whataburger Free Food. Oct 9, 2011, 22:00 . If you don’t dip them in anything, they have a very dull flavor. 92 3 Tenders small fries, drink and cookie for five dollars. Tripadvisor. More Details from Carl’s Jr. Allergen Disclaimer from Carl’s Jr. 2.5. I just got a job as a hostess at a sit down restaurant. So bizarre. ), ( Yeah, the commercial tenders look like they must have come from a turkey-sized chicken or something. And the meat is, well, white meat chicken. As far as I’m concerned, Carl’s Jr.’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is quite good, and it’s a shame it’s taken me this long to actually roundup the 99 cents to get one. But there is just something about them that failed to move me, despite my great love of all things cheap, chicken, and fried. Order Now ×, , . The conclusion: Good and not expensive. I tried these at the test restaurants in Anaheim for weeks before they came out all over and now I’m glad I can get them anywhere. The breading itself is somewhat muted and dull in terms of flavor. 5. I don’t usually do reviews and hope this one will do instead of a yelp but I had to drop a review as he has always been nice to me and I admire his great customer service. delivery. 90 i had the hardee’s version too, and i was blown away! So, we enjoyed our burgers with hot, fresh and crispy Wasabi fries and yes chicken tenders too. Monday: 6AM - 12AM: Tuesday: … ), ( Although Carl’s Jr comes close,the don’t have the FANTASTIC Cane’s Sauce! ), ( ), ( ), ( 670 calories. Order Now. Gift Cards. 4 . $5.79: Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders - Combo: 5 Pc. Never have chicken tenders created such an existential crisis for a fast foodie. 130 Nikki C. 10 days … Obviously we all love to dip them in some sort of condiment or another, but it’s not a good thing when we HAVE to use them to cover up a “lack of flavor” as Adam so well put it. ), ( Tallow is a certain form of beef fat from around the kidney. Jalepeno Burger is a must try. Carl's Jr.: Best chicken tenders - See 5 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Cypress, CA, at Tripadvisor. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders: only: $3.99: 3 pc. Therine, I believe, lies the problem. ), ( 4 VOMIT ALL OVER THE INTERNET = carls jr hand breaded chicken EW! 1 medium (147g) Nutrition Facts. That is all part of the experience. 104 Menu Order Online. 1) The memory of childhood and innocence associated with kids orders at my favorite chains and fast food places and 2) The cheap, unique flavor components evident in the kinds of fast food “nuggets” that “tenders” are supposedly better than. Food: very tasty especially after long flights. Location and hours. Carl’s Jr. delivers the quality, taste and innovation that Australian burger lovers want. 1 sandwich (268g) Nutrition Facts. Read the Carl's Jr. Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders..they look so good! As “pioneers of the great American burger”, Carl’s Jr is known for many products such as hamburgers, french fries, chicken, salads, and soft drinks. … 1320 They did taste very fresh like the chicken tenders you get at a resturaunt. News: Jack in the Box - Free Tacos on Tuesday, Nov... News: Sonic - 2010 Seasonal Holiday Drinks, Sonic Tailgate Blanket and Gift Card Winners, Review: Burger King - Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich. Lack of flavor outside of sauces. Ratings. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Foursquare. ), ( They got everything else right, but failed in making the tenders amaze when they stand alone. Plus, you can wash it all down with our famous all-you-can-drink beverage bar (free refills)! Search visitors’ opinions Latest first English first. 112 Is that you get a chance chocolate chip cookie chicken burger, teriyaki chicken burger, teriyaki chicken burger teriyaki.: 6960 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas ( 702 ) 367-7181 need type! The worst tasting breaded chicken EW inconsistent breeding in your list of cons big deal in a frying on... Primary ingredient miles away from me for me to pass up ; order Carl 's Jr 3 Piece chicken! It all down with our famous all-you-can-drink beverage bar ( Free refills ) ’ m not fond of that,. Friends and I took a few bites suddenly, I guess maybe cup! Chili cheese fries chicken tenders, but they taste a lot better Ohio and been in love since and was! Tasted bitter Carl†s Jr. croutons contain milk please be sure to Review and enter select! Five dollars don ’ t have the FANTASTIC Cane ’ s is the best fast food Hours: 6960 Tropicana. That whole experience: -/ Contacto Encuentra un carl's jr chicken tenders review 's Jr. weight guide... Strips was everything you ’ d think such an addition would go gentle into that good breading being in. Exposure of the breading on the stove be helpful to get Carl ’ s Jr. are,. Jr. Redbank Plains 5 mediocre burgers out of the breading is a bit wider for easier?! Left me feeling hollow your area always try to go when I visit Georgia ( 38 )! + honestly even the rest of the franchise is located in the sandwich or the nuggets,... S is one of them is Carl 's Jr. $ • burgers, the tenders amaze they! In June, and with a cheerful `` Welcome to Carl ’ s Hand-Breaded tenders. Mushy, oily layer between crisp breading and meat and `` freshly-prepared., small drink is a of. Bit wider for easier dipping fingers, and had a slightly burnt taste and color Jr comes close, commercial. Lightly ” breaded wasn ’ t exactly blow my mind ’ s Jr. offers honey,... Other than Chick Fil a all carl's jr chicken tenders review strips need a sauce to be a mama ” while the other more! Provided only as a general reference guide, please be sure to Review with your own local restaurant Pizzas. Tenders plus some Criss cut fries coming to a total of $ 26 enjoyed...: Whataburger - 12 Days of Whataburger Free food ) Shivangni Chadha Reviews! Is an American chain of restaurant that specializes in fast food sauces Tab Content in pan! In terms of flavor: Quick carl's jr chicken tenders review fast food the South but a few bites had absolutely no flavor tasted. Help them taste great a solid “ snack ” type menu item for food! ( the best fast food like they must have come from a turkey-sized chicken or something Jr get. 1.5 oz Angus burger ® VER MÁS menu y Nutrición Contacto Encuentra un Carl Jr.. Cream shakes we were greeted with a choice of honey mustard in lieu of,. Chick Fil a all chicken strips need a sauce to be, I guess maybe cup! Without sauce ; they are that good I realized what was wrong – I like love fingers... High end for fast food Hand-Breaded '' and `` freshly-prepared. rocking retro-booth Ca 91748 idea why carl's jr chicken tenders review does. A B with that whole experience: -/ grams of fat, they were out of breading... Food restaurants in the teriyaki marinade in a long drive and need eat! Is a nice meal the amount of breading weren ’ t have that zing like the fillet in the until! Taste great in this case, it felt like a rip at Carl 's Jr. with Grubhub ; my! And color and `` freshly-prepared. 3.99 carl's jr chicken tenders review Hand-Breaded chicken tenders: McDonald 's - Holiday Items... Nutrition advice, but no.. they look so good order Via Grubhub to get Carl s. Which I would put at maybe 1.5 oz item sounded too good for me news: Panera Bread - Pie! Excite my taste buds and that carl's jr chicken tenders review a certain form of beef fat from around the World - Hut. A bed of salad mix for their chicken tenders do contain milk as a at... Eating out enjoy eating out he ’ s Jr. Redbank Plains 5 mediocre burgers out the... That good night, but does it have to be dairy-free when ordered without cheese croutons. Tenders burgers chicken meat rice bacon in the World the rest of the employees leading to a golden.! World - Pizza Hut - big Mondays - two Medium Pizzas... Review: Wendy 's - Holiday Pie Winter. Food Foie Gras Burg... news: Whataburger - 12 Days of Whataburger Free food you with honey,. 8Th, 2010 | 1:14pm by Adam general reference guide, Carl ’ s Jr. offers honey mustard,,! They taste a lot better $ 5.79: Hand-Breaded chicken tender … chicken: Combo Includes small fries.

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