Guess what? If you do not like the Terms of Use, DO NOT REGISTER. I am so tired of the nanny state that deprives the user who volunteered of the responsibility for the user`s poor decision-making process. Read the agreement before registering. It`s as simple as that. It is not immediately clear what the next step in resolving the dispute will be. The results are uploaded to Apple, but cannot be read on their own. Apple uses another cryptographic principle called Threshold Secret Sharing, which only decrypts content when a user crosses a threshold of known child abuse images in their iCloud photos. Apple wouldn`t say what that threshold was, but said – for example – that if a secret is broken down into a thousand pieces and the threshold is ten images of child pornography content, the secret can be reconstructed from each of those ten images. Apple has posted technical details on its website about how NeuralHash works, which have been reviewed by crypto experts and praised by child protection organizations. You can call Apple Care to turn off iCloud for you. It would take a few hours, so I suggest you accept the terms and conditions and then sign out of icloud via „Settings> iCloud, as @Buscar said. Before an image is uploaded to iCloud Photos, these hashes on the device are compared to a database of known hashes of child abuse images provided by child protection organizations such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and others. NeuralHash uses a cryptographic technique called a private set intersection to detect a hash match without revealing the image or notifying the user.

Apple`s new technology will warn parents and children of sexually explicit photos in the news News about Apple`s new CSAM detection tool without public discussion has also raised concerns that the technology could be misused to flood victims with child abuse images that could lead to labeling and closing their accounts, but Apple downplayed the concerns, saying a manual review would check for evidence of possible abuse. It`s not talked about much, mainly because it only affects a few iPhone/iPad users who have and use more than one Apple ID on their device. It`s you, so here`s how to fix this problem: Actually, I don`t really understand how someone can still use iCloud. At this point, I`m just dealing with local backups and end-to-end encrypted storage solutions. A few years ago, Apple made big promises about end-to-end encryption and privacy, but instead of introducing it properly, they limit it to very few services and undermine it with programs like CSAM. Statista says Apple is the fourth worst for this, in a ranking of technology companies` user contracts. Worst of all is Microsoft, with a 15,260-word deal so long that it would be called news if it were fiction. The company says it would take more than an hour to read. As for the wording, most user agreements are written in legaleze, although Apple`s are relatively readable about how these things happen. This is the section on location tracking, for example: When it comes to Apple, Google and Dropbox, the regulator claims that contractual terms and agreements are unfairly biased in favor of companies. In addition, the AGCM argues that Apple does not give users any information about how the company backs up and secures iCloud data.

Instead, Cupertino encourages subscribers to create their own backups. AGCM claims that most users won`t even know about it because it`s not widely used. The company claims that Apple`s deal is 7,314 words. With an average reading speed of 240 words per minute, it would take 30 minutes. However, the report concludes that Apple and others have unfair terms that may be illegal. What the report does not do, however, is to specify the corrective measures or to indicate what the Italian authorities intend to do with this conclusion. The Competition and Market Guarantee Authority criticises three key elements of cloud computing agreements. These are the company`s rights to change the conditions at any time, the extent to which companies try to evade any accountability and a lack of transparency about data security.

Does anyone know what changes they have made to the conditions? As for Apple, Statista doesn`t specify which agreement it relates to, but when you create an Apple ID, you`ll first see a link to that privacy page, which points to Apple`s privacy microsite, which in turn includes a tab for the full privacy policy. The company also has a separate iCloud agreement, the wording of which varies by country. Additional terms apply to other services, such as Apple`s subscription services. Among the tech companies listed, Instagram had the shortest deal with 2,451 words that can be read in nine minutes. .

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